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Debris Removal

Tree Life 1 operates a fleet of self-loading and offloading Grapple Trucks, designed to efficiently handle tree and landscape debris. We offer pickup and proper disposal services for tree-related debris across Clay and Duval Counties, ensuring a hassle-free solution for both homeowners and business owners in these areas.

Professional Debris Management for Your Property

Debris removal is key for safety and maintaining a clean, attractive property. It’s especially vital after storms or construction, preventing hazards and pest infestations. This service ensures compliance with local regulations and keeps your environment tidy and well-managed.


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We'll Go Out On Limb For You

Let's Remove Your Debris

Don't let fallen branches, leaves, or other yard waste compromise the safety and beauty of your outdoor space. Our efficient cleanup process removes potential hazards, preventing accidents and deterring pests that thrive in cluttered environments. Trust us to maintain the impeccable condition of your property, safeguarding its appeal and your peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions.

A few questions our customers ask about debris removal.

How often should I consider debris removal services?2023-12-12T05:12:44+00:00

The frequency depends on your specific needs and the natural conditions of your area. Regular removal is recommended for routine yard maintenance, while additional services may be needed after severe weather events or major landscaping changes.

Can debris removal help with pest control?2023-12-12T05:12:29+00:00

Absolutely. Debris removal eliminates potential hiding spots and breeding grounds for various pests, contributing to a healthier and more hygienic outdoor environment.

Is debris removal necessary after a storm?2023-12-12T05:12:10+00:00

Yes, after a storm, yards often have scattered debris which can be dangerous and unsightly. Prompt removal helps in restoring your yard to a safe and tidy state, preventing further damage to your property.

How does debris removal improve the safety of my yard?2023-12-12T05:11:51+00:00

Removing debris clears potential hazards that can cause trips and falls. It also reduces the risk of fire hazards from dry, accumulated materials and deters pests like rodents and insects that may nest in debris piles.

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