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Storm Cleanup

After a storm, Tree Life 1’s Storm Cleanup Service is ready to swiftly restore your property. Facing the unpredictable and intense aftermath, our expert team adeptly handles debris and damage, from fallen branches to uprooted trees. We don’t just clean up; we transform your property back to its safe and beautiful pre-storm state, ensuring you’re not alone in the recovery process.

Reliable and Efficient Post-Storm Solutions

After a storm, Tree Life 1’s skilled professionals swiftly and efficiently handle the cleanup, ensuring your property is restored without adding to your stress. With our expertise in managing a storm aftermath, we quickly clear debris and repair damages, allowing you to focus on recovery and peace of mind. Trust our team to turn post-storm chaos into a smooth path back to normalcy.


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We'll Go Out On Limb For You

Let's Cleanup After the Storm

Tree Life 1 is your go-to for quick and efficient post-storm cleanup in North Florida. Our experienced team, equipped with the latest tools, promptly addresses any storm-related challenges, big or small. We're dedicated to easing your recovery process with minimal stress and maximum effectiveness, ensuring your home or business is swiftly returned to its normal state. Count on us for dependable storm recovery assistance, offering you peace of mind in challenging times.

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Property Has Tree Damage?

The first things you must do if you experience property damage after a tree falls on your home or office.

Immediately contact your insurance company. Report the incident, and provide details. Quick action is crucial for a smooth claim resolution.

It's important to safely take pictures of tree damage. First, ensure your safety, then capture the damage from multiple angles. These photos are essential for documenting the extent of the impact for your claim. Only take pictures when it's safe, as they play a crucial role in the efficient processing of your insurance claim.
If you have tree-related damage, immediately contact a licensed and insured tree care professional. Tree Life 1 can safely handle debris removal and damage assessment, ensuring further safety for your property. Choosing a fully licensed and insured expert is essential for reliable and responsible service. Trust a professional to efficiently and safely resolve your tree damage issues.

After the tree is removed, take pictures of the area to document the completion of the work. These photos will serve as proof of the removal and can be useful for any follow-up needs or insurance purposes. Ensure the pictures capture the cleared space where the tree once stood, providing a clear before-and-after comparison.

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Attention Homeowners! All situations may vary depending on the cost of job and equipment needed to preform the tree removal. Insurance companies usually pay up to 500.00 to remove debris off property. A proper written estimate involves the majority of the cost of the estimate to be involved with removing tree of of house or structure rather than the disposal of debris off property. If the estimate is written incorrectly. Home owner may incur more money out of pocket than necessary.

Frequently asked questions.

A few questions our customers ask about storm damage cleanup.

How do you ensure safety during the storm cleanup process?2023-12-12T14:04:01+00:00

Safety is our top priority. We follow strict safety protocols, utilize professional-grade equipment, and our skilled team is trained to handle hazardous situations effectively, ensuring a safe cleanup process for both our staff and your property.

Can you assist with insurance claims for storm damage?2023-12-12T14:03:46+00:00

While we don’t process insurance claims directly, we can provide detailed documentation of the storm damage and cleanup efforts to support your insurance claim process.

Is your team equipped to handle large-scale storm damage?2023-12-12T14:03:16+00:00

Yes, our team is fully equipped and experienced in handling large-scale storm damage. We have the necessary tools and machinery to manage extensive debris and damage safely and effectively.

How quickly can Tree Life 1 respond to a cleanup request after a storm?2023-12-12T14:02:55+00:00

We prioritize rapid response following a storm. Our team is ready to dispatch as soon as conditions are safe, aiming to address your cleanup needs promptly and efficiently.

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